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EqualEverywhere – Igniting a Global Movement for Gender Equality

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The COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately impacted girls and women, exacerbating existing gender inequalities. The goal was to rally global support for gender equality on International Women’s Day and beyond.

Our Approach

Twelvenets, a strategic partner in the #EqualEverywhere campaign, played a key role in mobilizing a global movement for gender equality. The campaign adopted a three-pronged approach:

  1. Partner Network Activation: Leverage existing partner networks to build a powerful movement of gender equality advocates.
  2. Audience Engagement: Frame the crisis as a collective fight where individuals can make a difference.
  3. Global Reach: Ensure the campaign message, #EqualEverywhere, resonates worldwide.

Strategy In Action

Championing Women’s Voices: We submitted stories of inspiring gender equality advocates, from grassroots leaders to CEOs, to be featured on the campaign website. Compelling Content Creation: Eye-catching visuals, impactful video, and thought-provoking messages were used to engage audiences and partners. #EqualEverywhere Hub Support: We provided support in developing and maintaining the central platform (equaleverywhere.org) which housed stories, data, and shareable content for various social media channels.


Our contribution was instrumental in driving campaign success. The agency, working with Emmanuel Nyame as an independent consultant, crafted compelling stories that aligned with the campaign’s objectives. These narratives:

  • Highlighted the global nature of gender inequality.
  • Showcased the diversity of voices and experiences.
  • Inspired action and sparked conversations around gender equality.


  • Surpassed Social Media Reach: Reached 186 million users, exceeding the target by 13x.
  • Global Audience: Engaged users from 195 countries.
  • Increased Website Traffic: 63% of website visitors came directly, indicating strong brand recall.
  • Exceptional Engagement: Achieved an average engagement rate of 2.6% across social media platforms, exceeding industry benchmarks significantly.
  • Diverse Audience: Engaged nearly equal numbers of male and female users. #EqualEverywhere Pledge: Nearly 5,000 individuals pledged their commitment to gender equality.


By amplifying the voices of gender equality champions and providing clear Calls to Action, the #EqualEverywhere campaign mobilized a global movement. We helped to raise awareness, inspire action, and drive progress towards a more equitable future.


Pelumni Obisesan, Changemaker’s story selected for #EqualEverywhere

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