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Twelvenets is a mission-driven PR and media firm, focused on amplifying campaigns that tackle social issues.

Shaping public perception

At Twelvenets, we understand the power of perception. In a world where public opinion can make or break a brand, shaping how people see and interact with your company is crucial. We are a mission-driven PR and media firm dedicated to amplifying campaigns that tackle social issues, transforming the way your brand is perceived and triggering meaningful consumer action.

Our reason for being

Our expertise lies in crafting strategic campaigns that shift public perception of brands. We help you connect with your audience on a deeper level, fostering a shared understanding of the social good you champion. This, in turn, inspires action – whether it's donations, purchase decision, volunteerism, or simply spreading the word.


We’re a team of PR and media professionals, including entrepreneurs, activists, and creators, dedicated to building a better future. We believe life should be simple and affordable, and we’re on a mission to achieve that through our innovative campaigns.

Ruben Cantu


Leticia Jasso Salazar


Emmanuel Nyame


Hessy Kissi Baah


Ruba Al'Zubi

Advisor, Social Impact

Daniel James

UX Designer

Sally Waters

Advisor, Operations

Presley Ofori

Art Director

Esther Boakye-Boateng

Digital Media Manager

Doris Lai

Brands & Design Manager

Tilomai Ponder

Strategic Advisor

Shuo Gu

Content & Media Officer

Aashi Agarwal

Associate, Corporate Communications

Ruth Etoka

Brands & Design Manager


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