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Elevating Young Voices for Climate Action – Neeshad’s Journey with The Elders’ Blog Series

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The Elders, a prestigious group of global leaders, sought to elevate the voices of young climate champions in a captivating format. They aimed to create a series of impactful blog stories featuring these young activists, sparking intergenerational dialogue and inspiring action.

Neeshad’s Story

Neeshad, a rising star in the climate movement, was among a select group of climate champions identified by The Elders. Known for his dedication to environmental and climate policy advocacy, particularly in the Arab region, Neeshad’s work transcended geographical boundaries. His leadership in mobilizing youth and influencing policy conversations made him an ideal candidate for The Elders’ initiative.

About The Elders Intergenerational Blog

  • Intergenerational Climate Blog Series: An established series of blogs featuring young climate activists from around the world on Earth Day 2021.
  • Platform for Young Voices: Provides a platform for young activists to share their experiences and perspectives with a broad audience.
  • Elder Mentorship: Pairs young activists with Elder champions to offer guidance and support.

Our Strategy & Approach

  • Story Refinement: Collaborated with Neeshad to refine his narrative, highlighting his unique role in climate action within the Arab region.
  • Elder Introduction: Lakhdar Brahimi, a distinguished figure in peacekeeping and diplomacy, penned an introduction for Neeshad’s blog, lending credibility and influence.
  • Media Promotion: Leveraged The Elders’ network to promote Neeshad’s blog post across various media channels.


  • Media Attention: Neeshad received substantial media coverage from TV, online, and print outlets, solidifying his position as a prominent voice for climate action in the Arab region.
  • Increased Outreach: The blog series successfully amplified Neeshad’s message, extending his reach and impact on the climate movement.
  • Intergenerational Dialogue: The series fostered intergenerational dialogue by showcasing the collaboration between young activists and established leaders.


The Elders’ Intergenerational Climate Blog Series provided a powerful platform for Neeshad and other young activists to share their stories and advocate for climate action. By harnessing the combined influence of experienced leaders and young voices, the series successfully elevated the youth climate movement, inspiring collaboration and change.


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