Introduction & Insights

The entertainment and concerts/festivals scene in Africa was vibrant and growing. Africa has been increasingly recognized as a hub for cultural diversity and musical talent. Major cities like Lagos, Johannesburg, and Nairobi have witnessed a surge in music festivals and concerts, attracting both local and international artists. For example, the “Africa Music Concert” in Lagos, Nigeria, featured performances from renowned African musicians and drew thousands of attendees. Additionally, events like the Cape Town International Jazz Festival in South Africa and the Lake of Stars Festival in Malawi have gained prominence. The growing popularity of African music genres such as Afrobeat, Afrobeats, and South African House music has contributed to the expansion of the entertainment industry on the continent.

If you frequently attend festivals on the African continent, Tidal Rave should not be new to you. Tidal Rave Beach Festival is West Africa’s biggest beach festival organized by Echo House Ghana Limited. This festival is a key youth cultural moment, full of energetic activities such as games, a food market, and an A-List headlined music concert. 

Discussions about Tidal Rave started when our CEO, Emmanuel Nyame was invited to join the Tidal Rave advisory board, to share experiences and direction that will make the event a success. Leaning on 6 years of experience serving on SXSW’s advisory board and also eager to leave a mark on the African continent, he accepted the invitation with open arms. 

We sat down with the team to understand their journey and yes, we were surprised that this is a festival that has been running for 10 years! Yhup, ten good years. Our interest grew much stronger and we decided to lookout for synergies that would allow us to work together. 


2023 | Accra, Ghana


Echo House Ghana Limited – organizers of Tidal Rave Festival


  • Messaging & Content
  • Brand Development
  • Media Relations, Product Design
  • Website Development
  • E-commerce Solution

First Things First

Before we engage with any client, we conduct a series of research online to know what they have been up to in the past. This enables us to find exciting opportunities to leverage for success. During our research, we were shocked to see a lot of negativity online. What on earth is going on with Tidal Rave? There were so many complaints about the previous year’s event and people were generally not pleased with the way things turned out. Attendees complained about theft, attacks and poor sound on stage. What we read was very alarming. We quickly set up a call with our client to understand what their perspective was, regarding the information online. It was vividly explained to us. 2022 was the 10th year of the festival, and as always, a decade marks huge celebration in every aspect of our lives – however, Tidal Rave was not prepared for the unprecedented turnout. The event recorded more than double the expected number of attendees. This led to a number of problems including:

  • A crashed server for purchasing and scanning event tickets. 
  • A lot of attendees in a small venue space, leading to little leg room and movements
  • Individuals without tickets and unauthorized persons entered the venue because the ticket scanners were down.
  • Thieves took advantage of the opportunity to steal personal items such as mobile phones, wallets, and purses.


The list goes on and on. As a social impact agency, we try to turn horrible stories like this one into triumph for both our clients and their target customer and that is exactly what we achieved. Let’s dive into the how.

Building up inspiration and preparing for triumph

We conducted another research, this time to engage with previous event attendees, partners and the media. We spoke about their experiences  in the previous year and what they expect for the next event. Here are some findings:

  • 571 attendees were surveyed
  • 64% expressed interest in showing up at the next event despite shortcomings
  • 50% would like to attend again due to artiste performance


From this data, we were convinced that despite the poor experiences by some attendees, a lot more people were willing to attend the next event, if Tidal Rave can make corrections to all the wrongs in the previous year’s event.

Establishing a robust online presence

Leveraging the data available to us, it was very obvious that Tidal Rave needed to take control of their online presence in order to command the entertainment and festivals space. They needed to have an archive of previous events, blogs, newsletters and also create a hub that anyone can rely on for information.

Event Website Vs. 3rd Party Ticket platform

A lot of event organizers rely on third party platforms like eventbrite to sell tickets to their event. Whereas this was an easy solution, we had a different opinion. Tidal Rave is a brand that has existed for ten (10) years, and needed a break from third party ticket solutions. About 80% of the major brands and festivals in the world have their own website which processes tickets for their attendees. It was time for Tidal Rave to stand on its own. We created a prototype of how a Tidal Rave website could look and the team instantly were convinced. We then developed the website and integrated ticket and ticket scanning solutions onto the website. 

Finding the perfect payment gateway

Finding the best payment gateway on the African continent to process our tickets was a challenge. We reached out to several of them and it took weeks to get a response. There is one of them that is most talked about and we thought that it would be a great fit but to our dismay, our email to them got a response one month later. This is poor customer service. We were able to get a hold on another service provider, but they recommended that we create an account with a local bank and work with them before we could use their service. Pretty bad for payments. Out of the blue, we had a call from a payment gateway provider we have barely heard of. They had called to find opportunities for a working relationship. We listened carefully as they explained their service offerings and deep down within us, we knew that they meant serious business. They made an offer and we quickly jumped on board. Now it was time to go live and sell event tickets for our clients at Tidal Rave. The experience has been so smooth, thanks to our payment partners.


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