Empowering Young People To Own Their Economic Success


Introduction & Insights

JA Ghana is an NGO dedicated to empowering young people to own their economic success by enhancing the relevance of education. JA’s unique and experiential programs focus on the areas of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

Shortly after JA Worldwide announced a new brand direction, the local office of JA in Ghana reached out to help revamp their old website and also work on new designs for their brand to better serve their beneficiaries.  Prior to this announcement, our CEO, Emmanuel Nyame was invited to a JA Worldwide Town Hall meeting to help set the groundwork for the modernized brand, one that is digital-friendly, modern, youth-forward, and that matches JA Worldwide’s emerging vision of the world, in which young people have the skillset and mindset to build thriving communities.

We reviewed the available brand guidelines and collateral, then came up with a list of services to provide to JA Ghana. 

Yes, we had a plan!


2019 – Date | Accra, Ghana


JA Ghana


Messaging & Content, Brand Development, Product Design, Website Development

Communicating with consistency

Consistency is essential for building brand recognition and establishing a strong brand presence. When a brand lacks consistency, it misses opportunities to reinforce its identity and stand out in the marketplace. Our goal was to enable JA Ghana’s target audience, who are mostly beneficiaries of their programs as well as program partners, to easily identify and associate specific attributes, values, and experiences with JA Ghana, thereby, enhancing its overall visibility and recall.

To achieve this, we needed to take a closer look at what the needs and wants of their target customers were, in order to align them with JA Worldwide’s new brand direction. We developed a prototype, and upon approval by the JA Ghana management team and board, we set out to develop the main website. 

Shortly after we developed the website, we created some branding works for our client. We created a pull up banner design as well as social media graphics. To date, we continue to engage with JA Ghana on all branding and website maintenance services and we are super proud to be a partner.

Leveraging on long-term relationships

As a close ally of the JA Ghana movement, we pride ourselves in understanding the ins and outs of their operations. This is mainly because our CEO was once a beneficiary of the JA program back in high school, so it was easy to relate to JA Ghana’s programs and how best to structure their online presence to meet students. 

Regardless, we began the process by conducting an extensive research to understand the current needs of JA Ghana’s beneficiaries including students, teachers and rural dwellers. We found some data, analyzed it, and began working on a formal structure for their brand. 

We found out that the old website had so many issues with alignment, and improper display of information (poor architecture) making it difficult for students to navigate easily. We also realized that some of programs were not listed on the website and it was difficult to first, navigate the site, and secondly sign-up for these programs without having to visit the office on site. 


Our services provided an avenue for JA Ghana to reach students and engage them in their activities and initiatives. Here are some benefits and impact:

Information and Awareness:

JA Ghana was able to share information about their mission, vision, and the causes it supports. They were able to freely communicate about their causes, address them, and raise awareness about the importance of those causes. By providing detailed information and resources, JA Ghana’s website and brand development  helped students understand their goals and inspired them to get involved.

Volunteer Opportunities:

JA Ghana was able to showcase volunteer opportunities which enabled students interested in making a difference, to learn about volunteer programs, internships, or community service projects. JA GHana’s brand messaging provided information on how students can contribute their skills, time, or resources to support their initiatives, creating a pathway for student involvement.

Events and Campaigns:

JA Ghana often organized events, campaigns, workshops, and awareness programs. We created a central hub for promoting and providing details about these activities. Students were able to learn about upcoming events, register to attend, and access event-related resources. It also featured success stories and highlights from past events to demonstrate the impact of their  work.

Other benefits include:

  • Provision of branded educational resources, research materials, and toolkits.
  • Facilitating online student engagement and interaction
  • Digital media integration for easy access to additional content.

Overall, we acted as a central hub for JA Ghana’s online presence, enabling students to learn, engage, and collaborate with them. We continue to work with JA Ghana on all services. Below is the recorded impact of our services:


Increase in Students Reached


Increase in Total Number of Volunteers


Schools have signed up for JA Ghana programs