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Our featured case studies help you understand the impact of our work.

EqualEverywhere – Igniting a Global Movement for Gender Equality

#EqualEverywhere brings together the United Nations Foundation and partners committed to achieving the urgent systemic change that’s needed at all levels, in all countries, to end gender discrimination. The aim of the campaign is to build, nurture, and mobilize communities of support for girls and women across and between countries, sectors and issues.

UN75 – A Global Town Hall for an Uncertain Future

If you spend much time on social media, it may seem like the world is plagued by seemingly intractable divides. But deep down, most of us really want the same thing—a healthy planet where people get along, have enough, and work together to build a better world. Even if we disagree on how to get there, we all want to believe that a peaceful, prosperous future is possible.


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